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Color Matching

Because belts has become a figure of accessory, more and more people would pay more attention to how to show their personal style by matchin


Future Trends

As time goes on, male belts, especially casual belts and jeans belts, are becoming more and more popular, a great number of new elements are added in formal suits. Black belts with bright blue or red stitching show another sparking style. With the popular of suede, more and more customers are choosing this kind of leather shoes,


Another Method to Classification

reversible buckle belt or twist buckle belt, braided leather belt, jeans belt, casual belt , elastic belt , metal belt, automatic buckle belt, perforate leather belt, printing belt, suede leather belt, polo belt, golf belt, cotton belt, polyester belt, etc. For example, braided leather belt, it was wove together by hand with at least three different widths and different piles leathers.


Why Do Belts Have Different Widths?

To be honest, the widths of belts is always decided by different costume matching despite personal preference. The different widths of belts:0.8cm,1.0cm,1.5cm,2.0cm.2.5cm,3.0cm,3.5cm,4.0cm,4.5cm,5.0cm,6.0cm,7.0cm etc.


Category of Belts

According to gender, belts can be divided into male belts, female belts and unisex belts. Most of unisex belts are jeans styles,they are suit for men and women. Belt buckle can be separate in to several items, such as pin buckle, plate buckle, twist buckle and automatic buckle. All of them can be made by zinc alloy, steel, iron and aluminum etc.


Function of Belts

Belts consists of belt buckle, strap and leather or metal loop, of course the leather or metal loop is no necessity for the belts with special system. In the past, belt was regarded as a functional product, but now, more and more people prefer to recognize it as an accessory necessarily. So to some extent, belt has become a indication of a person’s taste.