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The first point: color.

Can you imagine a pure man reaching out to reveal a bunch of pink bracelets? From a color perspective, men are advised to choose metallic, silver, gray, white, light green, light blue, dark blue and other colors. Of course, when choosing a color, you should also combine your skin color and matching clothes color.

The second point: material.

The younger boys and the delicate girls still have differences in temperament. Men's bracelets are often made of precious metals, leather, wood, cloth, jade, and other jewelry. These are also good choices.

The third point: style.

It is best for men to choose a bracelet style that is too delicate and too complicated. It is best to choose according to your own characteristics or the atmosphere is rough, or simple and generous style. More fashionable boys usually wear a bracelet with a watch.

The fourth point: efficacy and role.

The current trend is to pay equal attention to health and beauty, and some health care bracelets are beginning to flourish. A variety of magnetic therapy bracelets, health care bracelets emerge in an endless stream. In addition, the jade bracelet has a health effect in the legend, so it is also very popular with men.