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The change in the belt trend is largely caused by the hook. The shape and size of the hooks also show the charm of men. Pure gold hooks, usually associated with words such as noble;

The copper hooks allow people to appreciate the masculinity and strength of men; the wide "back" buckles fully reveal the man's fortitude; the oval buckles show the maturity of men's filtered advertisements; the squares represent men The taste.

Commonly used in the market are pig leather, cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile skin, and casual canvas belts. Belts of various textures have a variety of styles due to different processing processes. Pig skin and sheep skin, after peeling and layering, appear softer;

The cowhide has a stiff bone feel; the crocodile skin is a higher grade. The embossing and texture effects on the belt make it more attractive and distinctive. The fringe belt with the perforation of the hemp rope at the edge makes people feel the fine beauty in the rough and unrestrained.

When choosing a belt, the men consider the decorative nature of the belt, and generally do not hang too many items, because the simplicity and skill are the characteristics of men. The length of the belt is between the first and second crotch, and the width should be kept at three centimeters.

If the belt is too narrow, it will lose the male masculinity; if it is too wide, it is only suitable for casual, denim-style attire.