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Leisure belt manufacturer

The casual belt style fully reflects the sports function and leisure comfort. The materials and crafts are also more stressful. The leather is soft and delicate. It is mainly made up of calves and sheepskins, as well as some rare animal skins such as kangaroos and crocodiles.


Belt supplier recommended

Ancient belts have a wide variety of names and complex shapes. But in general, it can be divided into two categories, one is leather, and the ancient is called "tanning", or "strap".


Men's belt manufacturers

The change in the belt trend is largely caused by the hook. The shape and size of the hooks also show the charm of men. Pure gold hooks, usually associated with words such as noble;


Polo belt supplier

Wenzhou Karion Industry & Commerce Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2001, which is specialized in design, produce and OEM processing of leather belts and leather accessories.


Belt manufacturer

Wenzhou Karion Industry & Commerce Co.,Ltd. was established in 2001, specializing in the design, production and OEM processing of belts and leather accessories.


Belt manufacturer introduction

The main products of Wenzhou Karion Industry & Commerce Co.,Ltd are leather belts, split leather and PU leather, casual belts, dress belts, jeans belts and other styles. Our company uses reversible buckles, woven belts, casual belts and so on.


Belt manufacturer recommended

Wenzhou Kairui Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. mainly produces leather belts, split leather and PU leather, with casual belts, dress belts, jeans belts and other styles.


Common materials for belts

There are many kinds of leather that can be processed into belts. The main materials are crocodile skin, cowhide (including top layer cowhide, two layer cowhide, two layers of film, two layers of spray, etc.),


Color Matching

Because belts has become a figure of accessory, more and more people would pay more attention to how to show their personal style by matchin


Future Trends

As time goes on, male belts, especially casual belts and jeans belts, are becoming more and more popular, a great number of new elements are added in formal suits. Black belts with bright blue or red stitching show another sparking style. With the popular of suede, more and more customers are choosing this kind of leather shoes,


Another Method to Classification

reversible buckle belt or twist buckle belt, braided leather belt, jeans belt, casual belt , elastic belt , metal belt, automatic buckle belt, perforate leather belt, printing belt, suede leather belt, polo belt, golf belt, cotton belt, polyester belt, etc. For example, braided leather belt, it was wove together by hand with at least three different widths and different piles leathers.


Why Do Belts Have Different Widths?

To be honest, the widths of belts is always decided by different costume matching despite personal preference. The different widths of belts:0.8cm,1.0cm,1.5cm,2.0cm.2.5cm,3.0cm,3.5cm,4.0cm,4.5cm,5.0cm,6.0cm,7.0cm etc.


Category of Belts

According to gender, belts can be divided into male belts, female belts and unisex belts. Most of unisex belts are jeans styles,they are suit for men and women. Belt buckle can be separate in to several items, such as pin buckle, plate buckle, twist buckle and automatic buckle. All of them can be made by zinc alloy, steel, iron and aluminum etc.


Function of Belts

Belts consists of belt buckle, strap and leather or metal loop, of course the leather or metal loop is no necessity for the belts with special system. In the past, belt was regarded as a functional product, but now, more and more people prefer to recognize it as an accessory necessarily. So to some extent, belt has become a indication of a person’s taste.


Different advantages and disadvantages of different leather belts and company information

The advantages of the first layer of cowhide: as a natural skin, it is the best choice, can produce a variety of styles and styles, its toughness is good, outstanding high-end, strong and strong.


Introduction to the origin and development of leather belts

The leather belt was developed by the ethnic minorities in ancient China in the long-term life practice. It is not only used to tie the robe, but also to hang some objects for production and life.


Introduction of the variety of necklaces and precautions when wearing them

Some people wear necklaces for too long or the quality of the necklace is not good. After wearing the necklace, it acts on the sweat glands of the neck and the friction.


How to buy the ideal bracelet for the public

Bracelets, like other jewellery, can be worn every day, so you should choose carefully when you choose them. The size is too small to wear; the size is too large, affecting the appearance, and the bracelet is more likely to be touched. How to choose the right bracelet?


Belt matching skills

Men's belts are generally single, the texture is mostly leather, there is not much decoration. When wearing a suit, you must tie your belt; other clothing (such as sports and casual clothing) can not be tied.


The origin of the bracelet

It is for the need of survival. In the primitive society, in the process of fighting against nature, in order to protect themselves and avoi